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Heta tips både för dejting och mode.

Louise Roe är vår fantastiska programledare i Plain Jane som du kan se på söndagar @19:00. När hon inte spelar in TV-program arbetar hon med mode, bl a som Fashion Editor at Large for US Glamour magazine men hon designar också själv!

Här berättar Louise Roe med sina egna ord hur DU kan få in en fot i den konkurrenshårda modebranschen och vart den är på väg när det handlar om trender och teknologi:

Framtidens modebransch
- The future of fashion is an interesting one, and it incorporates technology in about as many ways as you can possibly imagine. For decades and decades, fashion was a tight-knit, exclusive industry, where trends were created and critiqued by a small number of people and publications, and available to be worn by an even smaller group. Social media and online retailers have flipped that slightly sucky notion on its head. Woohoo!

- Now, anyone and everyone can see outfits backstage and on the runway with amazing immediacy. Tweeters and Facebookers can be fashion critics in their own right. TopShop even ran a campaign asking Twitter followers to review their London Fashion Week show last month, as it streamed live, in less than 140 characters, and the result? Over 100m people saw the new collection that day. Boom.

Så kommer du in i branschen
- Whenever I’m asked for advice on how to break into the industry, I always suggest being proactive with technology. Start a blog of your own, review trends from the images you see on the likes of Style.com, style your own shoot and publish the pictures online, make your own clothes and accessories, and sell them on genius sites such as Etsy. Doors have been flung open and happily, the elitism in the industry has somewhat lessened… everyone can have a bite at their Chanel cherry.

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- But, I have to throw in my own 2 cents here: it’s important for up-and-comers to read, research and respect the old guard of this industry, too. Tweeting away your opinions is fine, but taking heed of the educated and eloquent opinions of stalwart journalists, who have refined their craft sitting front row at years of fashion shows, is crucial. Pay your dividends before declaring yourself the new Tavi!

- So who are the up-and-comers I’ve got my beady eye on? In New York, designers Benjamin Cho, Femme D’Armes and Tess Giberson; in London Mary Katrantzou and Thomas Tait. In Sydney, Australia, Amanda McCarthy. Indian couturier Falguni and Peacock is a personal new fave of mine for the red carpet too.

Framtidens trender
- As far as trends go, there is one I’m loving – the leather harnesses seen on dresses and tops everywhere from BCBG to Jason Wu and Mandy Coon. Make sure yours is thin and subtle enough so you don’t look like you just stepped from a page in 50 Shades of Grey. And a trend I will be dodging at ALL costs? Socks and thong sandals. Prada and Marc by Marc Jacobs how could you?? Nope. All the money in the world couldn’t convince me to try out S&S (socks n sandals), which apparently is based upon Japanese tabi socks. Looks more like having colorful hooves to me.

Louise loves…
- So what am I truly excited about in fashion’s future? Well, I love the fact that everyone can be a part of it; that raw fresh talent is being discovered through the ease of a tweet; that street blogs are so popular and impactful, huge campaigns (including my new line of shoes and bags for Stylistpick.com) and trends are now based upon them.

- I love that online stores and the likes of Zara, Reiss, H&M and French Connection are nailing killer looks seen on the catwalks within weeks, and bringing otherwise unaffordable trends to our doorsteps. I love how fabric is incorporating technology for the good of the environment – such as solar panels in jewelry and handbags, the use of recyclable and organic materials, and even (in early stages) harnessing kinetic energy to outfits which will power up your iPod while you walk.

- From a purely aesthetic standpoint, I’m blown away by the ever evolving use of technology to create stunning laser-cut patterns, 3D prints and LED or laser lights within clothes. One day soon it won’t just be Gaga and Katy Perry who get to rock out lit-up bras and jackets on stage, we’ll all be flashing our way to work!

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Onsdag, 21. November 2012

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