Geordie Shore 4 | ep 5

Vickys och Riccis bråk slutar i tårar, kan de rädda sitt förhållande?

Friden har återvänt till Geordie Shore-gänget efter att Vicky och Sophie grävt ner stridsyxorna. Men inget varar för evigt… Riccis grönögda monster ser rött på en utekväll med familjen. Det är katastrof, inte kärlek, i luften.

Se hela avsnitt 5 av Geordie Shore på söndag kl. 21:50

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Torsdag, 13. Juni 2013

  • Geordie Shore 4 | sneak peek ep 5

    Geordie Shore 4 | sneak peek ep 5

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  • 1. "Oh that's the spot Ricci - what you don't do in bed you make up for in other ways pet"

  • 2. "Must stop obsessing over James and his combover"

  • "These fish are doing far more bucking than me"

  • "If Joel's sending us flowers he must have a guilty conscience"

  • "I don't remember giving Vicky permission to have fun in public"

  • "I promise I'll never have fun again without asking you first"

  • "I've had enough of that quickie b*****d - I'll show Ricci what a good time looks like!"

  • "Do you want any extras with that hot dog?"

  • "Oh my god Sophie, even I wouldn't stoop that low - giving lads extras at the burger van."

  • "Can I see if I can fit your face inside my mouth?"

  • "Are you serious about a Civil Partnership?"

  • "I'm just doing some outreach work in the community about how addictive parsnip is - just say no if you're offered any"

  • "Maybe I'll get scouted for Beverley Hills 90210 looking like this?"

  • "Les-be-honest - we're all friends here "Les-be-honest - we're all friends here"

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