Viacom strives to maintain throughout its global operations a work environment that reflects the highest standards of business ethics and workplace behavior, and is committed to legal compliance and ethical business practices in all of its operations worldwide.

In furtherance of these standards, Viacom expects all of its suppliers to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the places in which they do business, and to maintain the highest degree of ethics in every aspect of their business with Viacom. Viacom is firm in its resolve to do business only with those suppliers who share in its commitment to integrity.

All of Viacom’s suppliers should be familiar with Viacom’s Business Conduct Statement (“BCS”). The BCS can be found at (go to Investor Relations, Corporate Governance) or here

All suppliers must maintain accurate financial reporting systems and records relating to each supplier’s dealings with Viacom, and familiarize themselves with all of the BCS policies as well as, in some instances, the IPM policies. They should be particularly aware that Viacom expects strict COMPLIANCE with all applicable laws, regulations and standards regarding:

Viacom policy PROHIBITS all of the following conduct:

Viacom cooperates with law enforcement authorities in the proper execution of their responsibilities. Viacom also collaborates with its suppliers on educational programs and other efforts to enhance legal compliance on the part of their industries.

If it is found that a supplier has committed one or more violations of this policy, Viacom will take appropriate action. Such action may range from working with the supplier to ensure that steps are taken to address the violations and prevent their reoccurrence, to canceling the affected contract, terminating the relationship with the supplier, making disclosures to law enforcement or regulatory authorities and commencing legal action against the supplier or other actions as warranted.

For any questions regarding Viacom’s Supplier Statement, please contact your local contact with Viacom and/or a Viacom Compliance Officer.