True Love or True Lies?

Om True Love or True Lies? säsong 1

The Lovers and the Liars is a stripped ten part reality play along series that explores the inner workings of relationships in today's society. The competition based format pits six couples - who think their relationship is the best - against each other. The last couple standing will be crowned the perfect couple and win a minimum of fifty thousand pounds. The twist is that some of the couples are lying about their relationship and are not together at all. The couples have no idea who are the lovers and who are the liars and neither do the viewers at home. To help uncover the fakers the couples go head to head in a Love Game every day and every night the couples vote out who they think the liars are in the Love Ceremony. If they correctly uncover the liars ten thousand pounds will be added to the prize fund. There are twists and turns along the way as relationships are pushed to breaking point and new couples arrive. In this ultimate game of love will true love prevail or will the liars fool them all?